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Lighting is an art, and this art requires an artist. Mosaic Lamps allows the creation of unique ambiances in working and living spaces by meeting the right products with quality workmanship. You can easily find what you have been looking for among our wide range of products from hanging lightings or floor lamp models. You can also receive Mosaic Lamps models no matter where you live thanks to our durable packaging service. Thanks to Mosaic Lamps models, which appeal to everyone and every budget with its rich product range, you will let your indoor and outdoor spaces meet with the art.

100% Handcraft

Glass mosaics are crafted one by one in Mosaic Lamps products, which are 100% handcrafted. Products crafted by Turkish expert glass mosaic crafters allow the eye-catching transparency of the glass to meet with the light. Mosaic Lamps models, which include different lighting products, are proof of the cultural richness of Turkey that has lands both on Asian and European continents. This country, has lands both in Europe and the Middle East, allows the perfect harmony of traditionalism and modernism. You can easily witness the reflection of cultural richness on Mosaic Lamps products.

Dance of the Light with Glass

Mosaic Lamps, which allow light beams to dance perfectly with the glass, add value to your lives with different product sizes and models. You can treat yourself by placing an order from all over the world and provide the value they deserve to your living spaces. If you will not be satisfied with your order, you can return it without any conditions within 14 days. You are going to experience the joy of real lighting with Mosaic Lamps, in which every detail is aforethought.

Waterproof Lighting

It is easy to get Mosaic Lamps products that can be used indoor and outdoor areas with ease with their waterproof design. You can add the products to your wishlist in our showroom, where the shipping is met by the buyer, and buy them with a single click whenever you want. You can access our website from your smartphones, tablets, or computers at any time of the day and complete your order. Each of these Mosaic Lamps products, which every glass piece is handmade, is crafted especially for you. Mosaic Lamps models detailed with Turkish motifs will help you to achieve an authentic atmosphere in spaces. These lighting products, which help you to strengthen the character of stylish spaces, will let you have an eye-catching, calming, and positive energizing light source.

Use Mosaic Art in Your Lighting

You are going to love the harmony arising from the mosaic art and lighting products. Mosaic Lamps products, which allow you to create a colorful and stylish atmosphere in spaces, have options such as the floor or hanging lamps. Mosaic Lamps products that you can prefer according to your taste and the general combination of your space can be used in every part of your lives including stores, showrooms, houses, winter gardens, terraces, offices. Mosaic Lamps products you can prefer for areas of different square meters with their various sizes can provide a solution for your lighting needs and a stylish look to your spaces.

A New Era in Lighting

We meet you with these beauties without compromising our corporate line with the private shipping system for the countries that you are going to place your order. You can start adding value to your lives with Mosaic Lamps products with unique models that comply with CE standards. If you want, you can also exhibit our products in your store where you sell other lighting products. Mosaic Lamps, which offers a wide range of options and welcomes bulk purchases, is the common meeting point of those who believe in the power of light. People who want to witness a visual feast and start their days full of energy prefer Mosaic Lamps that are enriched with ethnic patterns. With its elegance, Mosaic Lamps, which started a new era in lighting, offers a unique atmosphere in the ambiance of the spaces.

We have combined Turkish handcrafted examples that stand out with their motifs throughout history with mosaic lamps in our brand. Adding both an ethnic and a different look to the spaces, the Turkish lamp is extremely useful. These lamps, which can be used in your home, invitation rooms, halls, and many different areas, are special production. These lamps, which are all handmade, have unlimited color and pattern options. In addition to the models on our website, we also produce the special design requests of our customers. Thus, you can get the look you want with the lamp design suitable for every place.

In our mosaic lamps where Turkish motifs are applied, bulbs of the desired power can be used. Because our lamps are produced in accordance with the bulbs that can be used all over the world. In addition, the highest quality materials are used in all our mosaic lamps. Unlike other lamps in the market, we stand out with the quality materials used and we produce durable lamps. Quality materials provide a long service life in Turkish lamps, which are all handmade.

Turkish mosaic lamps have single, pendant, or spiral models. However, these models are not limited. Because we produce Turkish lamp in the color, pattern, and model desired by our customers. Our prices vary according to the models and patterns.