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The Turkish lamp inspired by the magnificent history of the Turks is only available in Adam Handcrafts!

Turkish Mosaic Lamp

We have combined Turkish handcrafted examples that stand out with their motifs throughout history with mosaic lamps in our brand. Adding both an ethnic and a different look to the spaces, the Turkish lamp is extremely useful. These lamps, which can be used in your home, invitation rooms, halls, and many different areas, are special production. These lamps, which are all handmade, have unlimited color and pattern options. In addition to the models on our website, we also produce the special design requests of our customers. Thus, you can get the look you want with the lamp design suitable for every place.

In our mosaic lamps where Turkish motifs are applied, bulbs of the desired power can be used. Because our lamps are produced in accordance with the bulbs that can be used all over the world. In addition, the highest quality materials are used in all our mosaic lamps. Unlike other lamps in the market, we stand out with the quality materials used and we produce durable lamps. Quality materials provide a long service life in Turkish lamps, which are all handmade.

Turkish mosaic lamps have single, pendant, or spiral models. However, these models are not limited. Because we produce Turkish lamp in the color, pattern, and model desired by our customers. Our prices vary according to the models and patterns.