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Why Is Lighting So Important?

Lighting, which has a very important place in indoor and outdoor spaces, has not only visual but also psychological effects. Light applications, which help the environment to appear as it should, directly affect human psychology. Lighting products, which are also preferred to emphasize a certain area, have a very important place in both homes and workplaces. For example; By using the right lighting practices in a store, you can help customers stay in the store much longer. You can direct customers to eat faster or slower by considering different criteria, from the color of the lighting products you use in a restaurant to the intensity of the light. Because; white light puts people in a more active mood. The yellow light triggers them to move more relaxed and slow. For this reason, especially in fast food restaurants, white light is used so that people can eat and leave quickly.

Right Lighting Drives Actions

The lighting products used to ensure the correct perception of the surroundings are very effective in determining the visual perception. These products are not only a source of light, but also tools that affect people’s psychology and direct their actions. Choosing these tools correctly will be efficient for your workplace. You cannot use every lighting product, especially for workplaces with a specific identity. You should choose unique lighting products that will highlight the features of these areas. Mosaic Lamps products give you exactly the unique personality you are looking for. You can use the lighting products created by combining glass mosaic pieces, each of which is hand-processed, in many different areas from work tables to walls, from ceiling to floor.

Objective and Subjective Effects of Lighting

In addition to the lens benefits, the lighting elements, which are also aesthetically important, make you feel good. Studies have shown that correctly planned lighting designs have a positive effect on efficiency. Lighting products that allow the relationship between the space and the user to interact in a correct way should be capable of increasing the quality of the environment. For this, we present a few different suggestions for you, from your office to your home, from your store to our restaurant.

Green Star Flora Candle Holder

This unique candle holder, produced entirely by hand, deserves to be at the center of your study with its soothing tones. You can easily use the candle holder, which fills you with positive energy, in the open areas of your restaurant.

Set Of 7 Mosaic Spiral Chandelier Lamp, Pink (Large)

Chandeliers, which can be evaluated in large square meters, can be easily preferred especially in concept spaces. If you are dreaming of a store where authentic clothes are offered for sale or if you are looking for a stylish chandelier for your boutique hotel, Set Of 7 Mosaic Spiral Chandelier Lamp, Pink (Large) may be the perfect fit for you. These chandeliers, which have different color alternatives, are so beautiful that your guests will be amazed.

Authentic Retro Mosaic Pendant Lamp, White

Would you like to carry the authentic breezes of Turkey, located at the intersection of Asia and Europe, to lighting products? The stalactites, which you can use in every room of your home and at your workplace, offer the most special examples of handicraft for you. By owning these unique models, you can determine the new star of places.

Mosaic Flat Floor Lamp, Green, Model 3 (XX Large)

How beautiful would this beauty look at the entrance of your detached house, on both sides of the door, right? Or it can accompany you like a guard, right next to the sitting group in your garden. Thanks to its waterproof feature, it is very easy to have these unique products that you can choose both indoors and outdoors. All you have to do is to determine your needs correctly, add the products you want to your cart and have them delivered to your door with one click, wherever you are in the world!

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