Adam Hand Crafts also sells custom handmade home accessories. In our wholesale products, special discounts are applied according to your order amount and past working turnover.

Our sales are realized in cash. For more information, you can send an email to [email protected] with the codes of our products you like from our website. Or you can write to us from our Whatsapp support line during working hours (UK) wherever you are in the world.

Our products are manufactured with high quality Turkish craftsmanship. We bring together the products manufactured by different Turkish handicraft masters for you. You can request the details you want especially for our wooden products to hand craftsmen who make custom manufacturing during our order.

Note: Wood accessories are manufactured according to order. Therefore, the delivery time may take between 3-15 days depending on the manufacturing time of the Handicraftsman.

You can visit our catalog page to examine our wholesale product catalog.