Traditional Turkish Mosaic Lamps Wholesale

Hello, dear sir/madam;

Our firm has been producing traditional authentic Turkish mosaic lamps since 2008. We sell them both wholesale and retail. Our mosaic lamps are produced with high-quality standards from their metal parts to their glass, from their cable parts to their accessories. We produce not only our own unique designs but also your requests that you have seen before somewhere else.

You can order our mosaic lamps in wholesale from every country in the world. We offer you a delivery service with Express fast delivery, as fast as you will receive your lamps in a day or two, and with economy shipping options that offer more economical shipping prices. Delivery fees are calculated after the lamps you have ordered are determined and you are notified.

There is a lower limit for ordering wholesale from Mosaic Lamps. The minimum order amount for wholesale orders is 1000 USD. Retail prices are valid for orders under 1000 USD.

Wholesale Mosaic Lamps

We do not set limits for you. You can buy mosaic lamps as much as you need. You can buy a huge number of lamps or just a few of them as wholesale.

In your wholesale orders, we offer you additional special discounts as the order amount increases. Our discount rates for wholesale prices are as follows:

2.500 $ : % 10 discount

5.000 $ : % 12,5 discount

10.000 $ : % 15 discount

You can choose to buy lots of products with a single model according to these discount rates or request one from each model we produce.

You can write us the code of the product you want and how many of them you request. Each of our products has a different code because there are certain differences between them in terms of color, style, and dimensions. You can be sure that we will send the product of which code is written by you.

Special Offer For Those Sell on eBay, Amazon, GUMTREE, SHOPIFY or Private Website

If you are selling your products on a certain platform, you can order products one by one with their wholesale prices. For instance, if you put up for sale a product on eBay, you can send us a photo of the product your customer ordered. We will prepare the product according to the cable features of your customer’s country and sent it to you or directly to your customer. Do not worry about shipping! Through DHL’s special service, we can write down any name or phone number information to the sender part.

Shipping Process

Our firm makes the shipping process by shipping companies engaged in land and sea transport, which are more affordable than others. Also, we make shipping by DHL air shipping services. Of course, there are differences in prices between air shipping and land shipping.

The shipping price and tax price are the receiver’s responsibility.

Land and Sea Shipping

If you sell products from your local store, we ship our products with affordable firms. The shipping process varies between 1 month and 1 week according to the distance of your county from Turkey. In general, shipping is completed within 1 week for European countries.

Air Shipping (DHL)

Our firm has a special agreement with DHL. We deliver our product in one day to European countries in general. It is generally two days for the USA, but it can still be 1 or 2-3 based on shipment speed. There is almost no possibility of your products to be broken during DHL shipping.

When you want to buy a wholesale Mosaic Lamp or have some questions, you can write to us from the following communication channels:

Means of Payment

You can make your payment by bank transfer or PAYPAL. The price of the product is required before we ship them.

The Quality of The Mosaic Lamps We Produce is As Follow:

Glass lanterns of our mosaic lamps are made into paste at high temperatures using the traditional method and then manufactured by the traditional blowing method. The unique motif figures on the mosaic lamps are designed with special care by our designers. Then the glass parts of the lamps are prepared hand-made by our craftsmen team members. As all of our glass products are made directly by hand, each time you will receive a unique product. Of course, the uniqueness of the products is created by slight differences. Generally, the design of each model provides a holistic appearance. Our products are manufactured using natural, healthy glass raw materials. There are no carcinogenic ingredients on them.

Metal Production of Our Mosaic Lamps

Metal parts of our products are produced from the highest quality Turkish metal to look professional, durable, and thick. We realize traditional tumbled coating on the metal surface of our products. In addition, we also make gold and silver-colored coating works.

We produce our mosaic lamps to be first-class quality. That is, they are heavy in height. Also, they can stand perfectly thanks to their ergonomic and balanced design. Furthermore, their high-quality materials do not rust or lose their cover. Our metal motifs are different from other manufacturers, they are all unique and aesthetic. Moreover, we enrich our designs by adding ornaments to our product, without diminishing metal motifs.

Electrical System of Our Mosaic Lamps

We never use non-durable Chinese electrical systems on our products. We use %100 Turkish products for electrical parts of the mosaic lamps. Today, many companies in Europe import the electrical parts of their products from Turkey. We protect your customers against fire risks and rapid deterioration through TSE and CE certificates.

Cable: Our cables are manufactured with 3 wires as electricity, neutral and grounding lines. Furthermore, the herringbone part that protects the cable is also produced in the highest quality.

Plug: We manufacture our products by using plugs that compatible with all countries. You can order mosaic lamp products from our company with plugs compatible with USA standard, European Standard, UK Standard, or Australian Standard.

Lamp Holers: We use help holders in E12, E14, and E27 standards. You can tell us which type of holder you prefer.

You can visit our catalog page to examine our wholesale product catalog.