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Which Lights to Choose for a Vintage Decor?

Vintage decoration has been used in interior decoration since the 90s. In the age of environmentally conscious consumption, old-fashioned decorative objects correspond to the spirit of the times. Lights’ color, shape, and appearance are integral to this exceptional style.

Thanks to this article, you can find out which lighting is most suitable for you, depending on the type of lamp and bulb, the space, and the desired atmosphere.

What Kind of Lights to Choose for an Old Decor?

You can choose original lamps to create a vintage atmosphere according to the space in the house:

  • You must choose a ceiling lamp. With an industrial style in wrought iron, copper, glass, or fabric, the vintage ceiling lamp allows you to illuminate an entire room, such as the living room or kitchen, with precise and targeted light.
  • The Italian-designed brass pendant lamp is very fashionable for all rooms in your home.
  • A Scandinavian, industrial, retro, or art deco-style table lamp brings soft and welcoming light throughout your home.
  • An industrial-designed wall lamp decorated with decorative objects such as a light bulb garland will accentuate the decoration. Ideal for hallway or stairway lighting.
  • A floor lamp in gold or white metal is an excellent interior decoration for a rustic dining room, a guaranteed retro effect.
  • A small conical hat bedside lamp will bring a vintage touch to your bedroom.
  • A lamp with a fabric, brass, or glass shade is essential for vintage lighting that creates a warm and friendly atmosphere. Ideal in the corner of a bedroom or living room.
  • An old light bulb usually accompanies all these lights.

What Kind of Light Bulbs to Choose for a Vintage Decor?

Bulbs actively contribute to the sought-after lighting atmosphere for any room. You can choose between:

  • Spherical round bulb: The round shape is fashionable in the vintage universe. The round bulb is sufficient on its own. Hanging it on a fabric or iron wire will sublimate your living room or kitchen with a subtle effect.
  • Drop-shaped bulb: This type of longer and thinner bulb resembles the filament drop bulbs of the 60s. This vintage light bulb pairs perfectly with a hanging chandelier (in the form of a cluster) or a light garland.
  • Bulb guinguette: With a stylish retro lighting effect ideal for a country event such as a wedding, the round and small guinguette bulbs are available in both tinted and clear glass with visible filaments.
  • Flame-shaped bulb: As the name suggests, this flame-shaped bulb is reminiscent of the candles adorned bygone years’ rustic chandeliers. It is, therefore, ideal for creating an authentic and imposing decoration for your chandeliers in your living room.
  • Twisted bulb: Impress your guests with this ’70s twisted bulb. For a classic wall lamp, an outdoor lamppost, or a table lamp, you will have a choice of brightness in your interior decoration. Indeed, the folds gently change the spread of lighting.
  • Tubular bulb: Not yet number one among retro trend bulbs, but increasingly used in vintage decor. It can combine as a tube, in a cluster, or in suspension.

All these bulbs are becoming more and more LED. Many options await you in vintage decorative lighting. Depending on their location, function, and desired style, you will undoubtedly find your ideal vintage light!

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