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What Size Chandelier for Kitchen Table?

This article will answer any questions in detail, such as what size chandelier for kitchen table, how to determine size chandelier needed for the kitchen, how to get the most out of your kitchen chandelier, and how high should a chandelier be over the kitchen sink. Keep reading!

Lighting is a very effective and economical option in changing the character of the space. However, you should pay attention to some points, especially when choosing a kitchen chandelier. The proper lighting can make you feel more relaxed, focused, and happy. Plus, bad lighting can ruin a great kitchen. Therefore, it’s essential to make the right choice of lighting, especially for the kitchen decoration, where we spend a lot of time.

It would be best if you had lighting that can adequately illuminate any activity in the kitchen. The best way to achieve this is to diffuse different types of light into the kitchen. It is also essential to ensure that the lights are placed at different levels throughout the room, starting at table height and rising to the ceiling.

How To Determine Size Chandelier Needed for Kitchen?

How to determine the size chandelier needed for the kitchen is also a popularly asked question. A chandelier should adapt to the space it is in, both in terms of light and size. A chandelier that is too small for the kitchen will be very noticeable in a negative sense. If you don’t have a clear decision about the size and are stuck between two sizes, choose the larger one.

Interior decoration specialists make their selections slightly larger than the appropriate size. It is much better if your chandelier is a little bigger than a small one. Experts in interior decoration have developed some calculation methods for the size of the chandelier suitable for a space. You can implement the simplest of them as follows:

Calculate the width and height of the kitchen in ‘cm.’ Add these two values and divide the total value by 12 to get the diameter of the chandelier you need to buy. For example, let the dimensions of the kitchen be 4 m x 5 m.

The room value will be 400 cm + 500 cm = 900 cm. The diameter of your chandelier will be 900 cm / 12 = 75 cm. If you cannot find a chandelier with a diameter of 75cm depending on the design, you should choose products close to this value.

How High Should A Chandelier Be Over Kitchen Sink?

The question of how high a chandelier should be over the kitchen sink is also critical. If you are going to walk under your chandelier, the lowest part of your chandelier should be 200cm above the ground. If your chandelier is hanging on a coffee table or dining table, then the height may be less. If the ceiling height of the kitchen is higher than 350 cm, the height of the chandelier should be increased, or a longer chandelier should be selected.

If your ceiling height is lower than 240 cm, then you can use ceiling fixtures that look like a chandelier instead of a chandelier on the ceiling.

How To Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen Chandelier

To get the most out of a kitchen chandelier, you should pay attention to some situations. A kitchen is a place that requires light that will not tire the eyes. Dim light will not be appropriate as the work that requires attention is constantly being done in the kitchens. You should not forget that the use of insufficient light can cause accidents and not be able to see the condition of the food cooked in the oven!

If shadows are forming or you can’t get a clear view while preparing food, you can try countertop spotlighting. Colorful LED spot lightings can be placed in the kitchen for decorative purposes. Different color accents can be made in cabinet lighting and the corner of a wall.