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Traditional Moroccan Lamps

If you want to add an authentic and sparkling atmosphere to your decoration areas, the most practical and risk-free way is to use traditional Moroccan lamps. These mystical and historical designs are also integrated with modern decoration.
Traditional Moroccan lighting is similar to Mesopotamian and Anatolian mosaic art. But light games are applied with different patterns and sometimes with different materials. Some Moroccan lamp models shape light with only perforated patterns.
Moroccan lamps are the accessories that best reflect the mystical and authentic atmosphere of the East. They usually carry patterns formed by colored glass particles on the round-edged glass.
Tinted windows and empty spaces spread the play of light artfully throughout most of the space. These mosaic designs are supported by materials such as wood and brass.

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Most Unique Moroccan Lamps

The most striking feature of Moroccan lamps is that they reflect colorful patterns on the wall or floor where they are hung. The glittering shapes when you turn on the light offer more than classic lighting.

These lights offer a variety of options that can be used almost anywhere in your home. There are many options such as tabletop lighting, floor lamp-like floor lighting, chandeliers and stalactites. Choosing the Moroccan style of exterior or interior wall lighting brings the general decoration to many different places.
Visit to discover unique and handmade Moroccan lamps. You can find many special designs processed with glass mosaic.

Moroccan Lamps