Adam Hand Crafts sells the famous Turkish Mosaic Lamp from Istanbul, which is located in the center of the world. Products prepared with hand workmanship are produced specially for you.

Mosaic lamps are started to be uniquely manufactured by hand craftsmen immediately after ordering. As soon as the production process is over, it is shipped carefully on the same day as DHL Express cargo or the next business day. Products from Istanbul, which is located in the center of the world, reach all the countries of Europe and the United States in one day thanks to air cargo transportation.

Our esteemed customers, if the product you purchase is not taxed at the customs controls of your country, it will be distributed immediately.

How Can I Track My Orders’ Shipments?
You can track your orders on our Orders page. Our cargo agreement is with DHL Express shipping. You can follow up with your DHL Express cargo tracking numbers that we forward to you by querying on the DHL Tracking page.

Can You Mark My Shipping As a Gift?
We know that our valued customers are struggling with customs problems. For this reason, we declare your Mosaic Lamps to the customs as a Gift Package for customs duties or problems stuck in customs. Thus, your package will not be opened and distributed easily unless there is a problem in customs.

How Much Does a Customs Invoice Come?
Regardless of the price of the mosaic lamps you order from Adam Hand Crafts, we write down the product value declarations by 1 zero from the total amount in order to avoid excessive customs bills. For example, if your order totaled $ 160, we declare it to your customs documents as $ 16. This allows you to avoid paying customs money most of the time. If the customs officers of your country call you and ask how much you have paid for the products you bought, do not forget to say by subtracting 1 zero from the total amount!

About Wholesale Shipping and Shipping Fees
When you want to buy wholesale products, it can be expensive to send bulk products, and in cases where there are too many products, to send them with companies such as DHL, UPS, Fedex. If the order amount is more than 300 KG or desi size, we usually send your products by road transport or ship transportation options. Most countries in Europe can usually be delivered from Turkey to 3-7 days.

In your wholesale orders, there is no free shipping campaign as we sell our products with very low profit rates. The buyer pays all shipping costs.