Dear Customers,

Our Mosaic Lamps you order from our website are covered by the return and exchange guarantee. You can easily return the products you want to return from our mosaic lamps or a different type of product. Or, the product you want to change can be changed by our company.

Refund Conditions

There are some routine conditions for returning products.

  • You should not make any changes on the product you are returning. For example, there should not be any changes such as not making an additional hole on the product or shortening the chain. Or the well-known changes such as not having the cable cut or unplugged.
  • The product you want to return should not be used for more than 1 hour. Hoping that you will decide in a short time that you do not like the product, and in order to protect the product’s durability, you should use our product for a maximum of 1 hour. This 1 hour period is evident when the joint filler we apply as a sealer on the glasses is cooked thanks to the temperature of the bulb.
  • The customer pays the shipping costs for product returns. The customer must return the product to be returned by paying the shipping fee. The shipping fee paid during the order is also deducted from the order amount and only the product amount is refunded 1 business day after the customer has delivered the product. Your refunds are returned to the credit card number you ordered.
  • Our product return period is within 14 days after delivery. After 14 days after delivery, the return of that product is not accepted. If you ship your product within 14 days and send us the cargo tracking code, your right to return is valid.

Exchange Conditions

No matter where in the world you purchased products from us, there is a product exchange guarantee. If you receive a broken product from our products purchased from our company, we will replace our broken product without upsetting you. You can read the articles below to learn about our exchange conditions.

The lamps you ordered by our company are carefully wrapped or boxed in order not to be damaged in the cargo. Sometimes products can be damaged during cargo transportation due to reasons that are not available. Our company can exchange such products.

  • The most important rule; If the parcel you have received is deformed, you must report it to the cargo personnel. The box that I received from the staff seems damaged, you can have a report stating that I received this parcel damaged to the cargo staff. Then, while opening the product box and opening the video recording feature of your mobile phone, you should take the opening images from the beginning. Bring the damage locations of damaged products out of the cargo box closer to the video. Thus, we can detect broken products during cargo transportation. Otherwise, if you open the box without video recording, it will not be possible for us to understand that the product is not broken in the cargo. I hope you pay attention to this condition of ours.
  • We send the damaged parts of the product you ordered to your address again without paying any charge. Thus, we can exchange your damaged products free of charge.
  • For products that you do not like and decide to buy a different design or a different color lamp, we make unconditional replacement at your own cost. However, in this rule, there should not be any changes on the product.
  • Our product change period is within 14 days after delivery. Products that exceed 14 days do not have the right to change.