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Pendant lamps are extremely useful for lighting different corners of your home. These lamps, which you can hang as you wish, provide lighting in your home as you wish with different color and pattern options. The pendant lamp, which is extremely useful, are handmade, like our other products. Thus, it has much more stylish and unique designs than other lamps in different markets.

Pendant lamps with Turkish motifs are of high quality due to the materials used. The best quality materials of the market are used in the specially designed pendant lamps that we produce for our valued customers. The metals used in the pendant parts do not rust or darken in time. In this way, it provides a long-lasting use. In addition, the pendant parts made of quality materials are extremely safe and durable. They can be used safely by families with children.

In addition to the pendant lamps that are on sale on our website, special design pendant lamps are also produced. Different patterns can be used in the pendant lamps that we have prepared according to the wishes of our customers. In addition to standard sizes, special sizes of pendant lamps are also designed. In this way, you can use pendant lamp suitable for the size of the areas you will use in your home. The prices applied for pendant lamps are variable. In this way, you can easily choose lamps that suit both your budget and your taste.