Mosaic Lamps

Mosaic Lamps That Will Recreate Your House’s Aura

Lighting devices used in homes with an authentic decoration determine the general ambiance of the space. Lighting devices have an important effect on how the lights are distributed in a closed environment, how the colors are refracted, and the level of light of the sphere. All these factors determine what kind of aura you will have in the area you are spending time with. Mosaic lamps can be used not only as lighting tools but also as decoration items in places where you want to create an authentic and retro style. Their bright, colorful appearance with ottoman patterns causes these lamps to create different light beams in the room you use. Therefore, mosaic lamps perform perfectly in areas such as dining rooms, bedrooms, or living rooms where you want to have a dim but impressive lighting system.

Create the Perfect Decoration with Different Mosaic Lamp Models

You can create aesthetic corners in different parts of your home by using different versions of mosaic lamp models. Here are a few examples we want to share with you:

Candle Holders

Mosaic candle holders, with their circular structures, floral, vintage or ottoman aura-influenced patterns, will allow you to create an aesthetic lighting environment on your tables, next to your trinkets, or on your TV unit. You can protect your candles indoors and create more aesthetic points with your short and colored candles or scented candles.

Chandelier Lamps

You can use spiral lamps with mosaic designs, especially in summer apartments with high ceilings. You can take advantage of different versions of these decorative tools, such as gold, green, and multicolor, which have small lighting holes.

It is possible to say that these lamps hanged from the ceiling, especially on living rooms and dining rooms, will create a bohemian style similar to the aura of dream catcher designs. It is extremely important that these decorative products are made of quality materials that will not corrode easily. Moreover, it is recommended that such materials be selected taking into account the ceiling height and floor decoration. For example, if the ceiling is not as high as expected, mid-sized versions of the product may be preferred. Otherwise, the use of the product in a covered place may restrict the movements of the people who live there.

Pendant Lamps

Unlike spiral lamps and other long lamps, these kinds of lightening materials have a single chandelier and a fixed structure. Thanks to their wide body, these lamp bodies can make a much larger area brighter. Still, the fine craftsmanship of the glass parts of these lamps will allow the light to create a much more romantic and bohemian ambiance. You can visit our retro mosaic pendant lamp page to purchase the mixed color pendant lamp in the image.

Floor Lamps

Especially if you like horizontal lighting or if your home is already located in a bright area, you can add a completely different style to your living space with floor lamp alternatives. For an authentic style, you can buy these products on our site immediately. Our 100% hand made products are completely Turkish made.

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