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Lighting Elements To Be Preferred In Gardens

You prefer lighting products almost in every outdoor area such as in the garden of your villa or summer house, landscape areas of your offices, and concept cafeterias. You need to pay attention to many factors from the size to characteristics of the area while using these products. Especially lighting products that shine like the sun among small pines and trees will not only provide lighting in the evening but also looks great as a decorative element. You can provide a completely different look in your gardens with Mosaic Lamps’ different lighting products with authentic touches. Here are some tips you can benefit from to offer more functionality and aesthetics for your outdoor areas!

Use Your Lighting Products Around the Green Areas

You would not want the area to be as bright as the daytime on an evening when you are going to have a great conversation with your loved ones. A slightly dim area that is suitable for conversations will help you to feel comfortable and fill with positive energy. Therefore, you need to prefer your outdoor lighting products away from the center of the area, where you are going to have conversations, eat or drink. Especially the lighting products you are going to use around the pines and other green-themed landscape elements will reflect the green light and thus, help you to create a much warmer and sincere environment. In this sense, a floor lamp, which you are going to prefer to create an authentic cafe medium at home, is very advantageous. The floor lamp, which does not require any handles thanks to its legs, will help the environment look richer and brighten the area.

Hanging Lights for Arbors

You can prefer hanging lights or chandeliers mounted on the ceiling in areas with a roof such as arbors. You can play games and enjoy the moment with your loved ones with these products, which provide lighting directly from the top. Floor lamps and chandelier options can be used together in areas with large square meters. It is possible to achieve a characteristic atmosphere with various patterns in the area by creating harmony with different color options. Since Mosaic Lamps products are waterproof, they can be used outdoors. These products, which have different color and pattern options, can bring the style of your gardens to the fore by providing a natural light effect.

Pay Attention to the Following in Garden Decoration

You should not forget that your garden is connected with the indoor decoration elements while decorating it. Your home always reflects your personality. Therefore, you need to create an environment that will give peace by achieving integrity in both indoor and outdoor areas. You can also create a stylish look by placing the lighting products, which helps you to combine functionality and aesthetics, on the edges of your pathway between your garden door to your home. Outdoor lamp options, which allow you to see around yourself and advantageous in terms of visual sense, are manufactured in all sizes and a great choice for houses of all sizes. Our editors compiled three lamp options you can use in outdoor areas.

Spiral Floor Mosaic Lamp

Spiral floor mosaic lamps can be used outdoors with ease with their waterproof design, and they offer different options like 3, 5, or 7 lamp bundles. Depending on the size of your area, you can easily pick the best size for yourself in these products that are manufactured in medium or large sizes. You can place these products on each corner of your sitting area and feel comfortable in the circle you are going to create from light.

Retro Turkish Mosaic Hanging Lamps

Retro Turkish mosaic pendant lamps, which are manufactured for outdoor, allow areas to achieve the perfect look with their different color and model options. These models have a perfect harmony with wooden or white garden furniture, and they allow the spaces to look warmer and more sincere.

Flora Candle Holder

Flora candle holder options, which you can prefer for warmer and lovely areas, can be easily used not only in gardens but also on the tables of cafes and restaurants. These products that create a rich visuality offer aesthetics and lighting together in areas where there is not enough space for garden lighting. They are not only suitable for candle holders, but also for different purposes and every product is hand-crafted.

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