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As a Latvian Moroccan lamp wholesaler, we produce the best quality handmade Moroccan lamps for you. Moroccan lamps are the creator of the romantic atmosphere.

Our Moroccan lamps are unique pieces handmade from colorful glass pieces and pearls. The metal part is a fine jeweler’s work made of brass, and the glass part is hand blown. Their colors and shapes are highly diverse.

When you illuminate them, the light streaming through the glass pieces creates a colorful shadow that changes the mood of your surroundings and gives a romantic, intimate atmosphere. Another thing that makes these lights unique is that they don’t look the same when turned on and off.

Moroccan Lamp Models

If you love ancient symbolism, a lamp with a Moroccan clover motif would be a great complement to your bedroom or living room. A distinctive feature of this model is a rectangular ceramic base with a four-leaf motif. The shimmering silver finish emphasizes the depth of the pattern and looks elegant in combination with bright interiors. Combined with a decorative base, it gives the interior a slightly oriental style.

In our online store, you can find both table and ceiling lamps, hanging and wall lamps. Check out our most popular lamp models:

  • Turkish chandelier models
  • Moroccan ceiling lamp models
  • Turkish lighting
  • Moroccan lightings
  • Living room chandelier
  • Dining room island lamp
  • Dining room ceiling lamp
  • Bathroom wall lamp
  • Living room lamp
  • Living room wall lamp
  • Living room ceiling sconce
  • Bedroom table lamp
  • Bedroom corner lamp
  • Bedroom wall lamp
  • Hallway wall lamp
  • Scented candle holder
  • Turkish candlestick lighting,
  • Moroccan chandeliers
  • Moroccan pendant lamps
  • Handmade lighting products

Most Beautiful Moroccan Lamp Trends

Moroccan lamps have long been used not only as a light source in a room but also as an excellent furniture accessory. Look forward to our online store’s most beautiful Moroccan and Turkish mosaic lamp trends. The choice of light is critical when designing the room because room lighting affects our health and mood.

Therefore, lamps are a decisive factor in whether we feel comfortable in a room or not. Many different lights create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. Therefore, feel free to combine different lights. There are ceiling lamps, table, floor, or wall lamps. They complement each other wonderfully. We show you a wide variety of the most beautiful lamp trends with which you can add a cozy atmosphere to your home.

Buy Moroccan Lamp Online

You can apply our Moroccan lamp trends to any room in your home. Whether you’re looking for a cool ceiling lamp for your dining room, a beautiful floor lamp for your living room, or a stylish table lamp for your study. Among a variety of the most beautiful and fashionable lamp models, you will find the perfect light for you that will beautify and illuminate your home. Order your favorites from the comfort of your home. We’ll have your new favorite lamp delivered to your home in a few days. You can buy our Moroccan lamps wholesale or retail in Latvia, if you wish, on our website

Our Moroccan lamps are unique to Turkey, and we produce them only in Turkey. However, we manufacture unique wholesale for you in Latvia and deliver all our lights to your address. All of the components in our lamps also produce in Turkey. In addition, our electrical installation includes European TUV and CE quality certificates. We never use any material made in China in our products.

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