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Importance of Lighting in Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are preferred by their visitors because of their specific features. What distinguishes these areas, which should be quite original, from other hotels; they have a real identity. Lighting is of great importance in boutique hotels, whose value has increased with the reflection of different styles in many areas from furniture to decorative objects. With products like It is very important that the visitors want to have their photos taken inside the hotel, and that these lighting products are aesthetically pleasing in terms of decoration. Whether you come to this hotel for entertainment or work; The light, which will meet the expectations of all visitors, can determine its fate in boutique hotels. You can use Turkish mosaic lamps in your table, wall and ceiling lamps to present oriental and mystical and design to your customers in your hotel concept.

Game Changer Lighting Products

People carry their habits with them. For this reason, it is necessary to offer them innovations that will change their habits without changing their habits. In order to create an ideal perception of space and comfort, you should not close your perceptions to new experiences. You can even put the lighting concept at the center of the hotel to keep the comfort experience of the visitors at the highest level. You can maximize the effect of light with different lighting processes. Light has three different effects. The first of these effects is that it is relaxing and stimulating. This effect, also called the circadian rhythm, directly affects the energy of the person. Another effect of light is biological and sensory effects. These effects are used to create effects, scenery, atmosphere and ambiance. For example; By having lighting that can attract the attention of the audience in your hotel conference room, you can integrate the effect of the speaker and the light. The final effect of lighting is the fulfillment of visual functions. This effect, which is considered as comfort and functional, helps to arouse people’s interests. Within the scope of these three effects, you should pay attention to the importance of lighting in order to create a correct perception in boutique hotels.

Welcome Your Visitors Brightly

To create a friendly atmosphere, you must do your welcome rituals correctly. However, while doing this, you should make an application suitable for your guests’ location in the countries they come from. For example; People in Northern and Southern countries like to welcome with warm white light or colored lights. Therefore, if you often receive guests from North and South countries at your hotel, you can create your hobby in a home-like atmosphere You can choose lamps that emit warm colors such as. It is also important to properly illuminate the corridors at the distance from the lobby to your room. You can enrich the portraits and other paintings you will display in these areas with wall sconces such as In this way, you will both have a concept space and have the opportunity to integrate this concept with aesthetic elements.

Hotel Concept and Lighting Design

In boutique hotels where lighting is extremely important, you should create designs that are compatible with the corporate identity. You should create an interactive environment by implementing the lighting program at the right time and in the right place. Bright is always good. For this reason, you should make sure that there are sufficient lighting elements in your boutique hotel. Lighting products, which you can choose in different sizes according to the square meter of the environment, should provide a uniform distribution throughout the space and allow each area to be properly illuminated. In this way, by using the power of light, you can please your visitors at every stage, from welcoming to sending off.