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How To Clean the Chandeliers?

Also to their stylish appearance, chandeliers are one of the most difficult decoration products to clean. If you want your chandeliers to be clean by shining them, you can apply the suggestions we will give you. If you are wondering how to clean the chandelier, continue reading!

Tips for Cleaning the Chandelier

  • Before you start cleaning the chandelier, make sure that the electric switch is off.
  • Then wait for the bulb in the chandelier to cool.
  • Starting from the bottom part of the chandelier, where it is attached to the ceiling, remove the dust with a soapy and damp cloth and then dry it with a dry cloth.
  • You can also use vinegar water to clean the bulb. The vinegar water will make the bulb shine cleanly and brightly. If your chandelier is a plastic or fabric-covered chandelier, you can clean it with a soapy duster.
  • Use a ladder that will allow you to access the top of the chandelier. If you have time and you want to clean the stones by removing them, first put an empty container on the top step of the ladder, on which you have placed the newspaper on the bottom.
  • Arrange the pieces of your chandelier that you have removed one by one into this container. Newspaper prevents scratches.
  • Again, be careful that they don’t touch each other so that they don’t get scratched. If the pot isn’t enough for all the stones, repeat the process several times.
  • When you lower them to the ground, lay these stones on the sheet one by one.

How To Clean A Crystal Chandelier?

Crystal chandelier cleaning is one of the most difficult processes. No matter how complicated it may seem, the answer to the question of how to clean a crystal chandelier is quite simple. Cleaning the chandelier while it is hanging from the ceiling will be the easiest method. If the stones on the chandelier are easily removable, removing and washing them, and replacing them are among the cleaning alternatives. Wash the chandelier stones you removed with soapy water and polish them with a dry cloth. Then, of course, you have to put them back in place one by one.

If you don’t want to deal with all this removal and installation work, then all you have to do is put some vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray it on the chandelier. For this, it is enough to put 1 part of vinegar in 3 parts of water. When you spray this mixture on the chandelier, the dust will disappear along with the filtered water. Then dry each part of the crystal chandelier and the stones on it one by one.

Things to Consider While Cleaning the Chandelier

  • First of all, the cleaning agents you use must be suitable for cleaning the chandelier. Because with a wrong choice, you can damage the stones and appearance of the chandelier.
  • Another issue that you should pay attention to in cleaning the chandelier is that the drying process must be done after the wiping process.
  • If the drying process isn’t done, the water and soap residues on the chandelier may leave stains and cause a bad appearance. After paying attention to all these processes, your chandeliers will shine brightly.