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How To Clean Crystal Chandeliers?

The answer to the question of how to clean the crystal chandelier is quite curious. Do you have a sparkling chandelier, but it collects dust and gets dirty very quickly? Do you spend a lot of effort to get rid of dust and dirt, which is a nightmare for women? We have researched for you what you need to know about crystal chandelier cleaning. Keep reading!

The most important thing for crystal chandelier cleaning isn’t to worry. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the crystal chandelier. With a few practical pieces of information for cleaning the crystal chandelier, the chandeliers will regain their former shine.

The cleaning of crystal chandeliers, which are selected for luxury residences or environments according to the environment’s ambiance, can be a bit tiring. It isn’t as simple as daily cleaning operations. Because during cleaning, many negative situations such as falling, breaking, scratching, and damaging can be encountered. The applications actually seem simple but require some care, attention, and knowledge.

Crystal Chandelier Cleaning Tips

You can follow these steps for crystal chandelier cleaning:

  • If the crystal chandelier is too big, it should be cleaned without removing it. If it isn’t too big and heavy, it can be disassembled, placed in a suitable place, and cleaned.
  • If the chandelier cannot be dismantled, a ladder is needed.
  • Before going up the stairs, cover where the chandelier is located with a sheet or a suitable cloth. If there is a carpet on the floor during cleaning, the carpet will not be dirty, or the floor will not be messy. In short, you will have a hygienic cleaning process.
  • Obtain a non-cotton, linen-style cloth. Get a non-cotton material. If you use a cotton cloth, its fibers may get caught in the sections between the crystal stones. Therefore, remove the dust on the chandelier with a thin cloth. Thus, the links may be broken. Remove the dust on the chandelier with a fine cloth.
  • Then identify a suitable cleaning bucket.
  • Pour water and a little vinegar into the bucket.
  • Soak your cloth in the vinegar water you have prepared, then wring it out thoroughly. The fabric isn’t wet. If it is moist, it may stain the crystal.
  • Start wiping from the inside surface of the chandelier. Continue cleaning from top to bottom.
  • After the inner surface is finished, repeat the same operations when moving to the outer shell. Crystal chandelier cleaning is that simple.

How to Clean the Crystal Chandelier by Disassembling It?

  • First, wrap the crystal chandelier in a prominent newspaper.
  • Put water in a bowl or basin large enough to hold the chandelier.
  • Leave the chandelier in a bowl or basin filled with water for up to one night.
  • After one night, shake the chandelier with light movements a few times. In this way, you will remove the excess water remaining on the crystals and the chandelier.
  • As a final process, make vinegar water and rinse the chandelier with vinegar water.
  • You will see that there is a glow in the crystals.
  • Then let the chandelier dry. After making sure that it is thoroughly dry, replace it and use it.