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How To Choose the Right Chandelier for the Kitchen?

When the right chandelier for the kitchen is chosen and positioned correctly, chandeliers can be the most dazzling part of a room. They can significantly influence every guest, you host. The aesthetic goal of lighting products is to impress your guests and visually refresh your home. Chandeliers are also one of the most stylish pieces on the way to this goal.

The place where you will need the light the most is the kitchen. Kitchen chandeliers should be able to give intense light. It should be suitable for the use of light sources that offer high lumens. Meal preparations should be prepared under plenty of light, both visually and without causing any kitchen accidents. Support your lighting with countertop lighting.

While you are working on the kitchen counter, a shadow is created in front of you because your chandelier is behind you. For the shadow not to be sharp, instead of chandeliers with a single bulb in the centre, models with more than one bulb and where the bulbs are far from each other should be preferred.

Tips for Choosing the Right Chandelier in the Kitchen

Here are the tips for choosing the right chandelier for the kitchen:

  • Safe Chandeliers

As with all of your living spaces, you should prioritize safety in your kitchen decoration. You should make sure that the weight of a chandelier that you will hang on the kitchen ceiling is calculated correctly and that all parts used in its design are assembled without leaving any room for error.

  • Long-Lasting Use

To ensure the long-lasting use of chandeliers with varieties such as nickel satin, chrome or bronze coating, the quality of the material must be provided. While a healthy and durable product does not tarnish or rust, it can retain its first-day appearance for long periods.

  • Exterior Coating and Decorative Details

Dark-coloured chandeliers are widely used in the decoration of living spaces today. However, since the chandeliers in question can block the light up to 50 %, they may not be the right choice for kitchens where plenty of light and efficient lighting are required. In cases where a dark chandelier is more appropriate according to the kitchen utensils’ colour and the furniture’ style, you can eliminate this disadvantage by choosing a kitchen chandelier with a large number of arms.

  • Lighting Capacity

It is essential to provide sufficient light, especially in the kitchen, where women can spend the most day. Meals can be prepared in a much more comfortable way under plenty of light without causing any domestic accidents. Also, a standard lamp to be used instead of directly focused light is among the factors that improve kitchen lighting and facilitate movement in this area.

  • Size Ratio

The most important criterion in choosing a kitchen chandelier is the size of the chandelier you will choose. You can achieve decorative harmony by making a choice that is compatible with your kitchen’s dimensions and general structure. For example, when you use an extended or vast chandelier in a small and low-ceilinged kitchen, or when you choose a small-sized chandelier for a high-ceilinged and large kitchen, you may cause an unpleasant, disproportionate and unbalanced image. Therefore, when selecting a chandelier, consider the size and shape of your kitchen.