Which Country Is Your Store In?

Istanbul, Turkey

Do you have product returns or exchanges?

Return: Our product return period is within 14 days after delivery. After 14 days after delivery, the return of that product is not accepted. If you ship your product within 14 days and send us the cargo tracking code, your right to return is valid.
Exchange: Our product change period is within 14 days after delivery. Products that exceed 14 days do not have the right to change.

Sizing details

Product dimensions vary according to the product type. The size of each product is included in the description section of the product. Dimensions are given in European measurement units.

Care instructions

Our products can be easily wiped with a slightly wet cloth or a dry cloth and dust can be removed. Make sure that the power of your lamp is turned off when wiping it with only a wet cloth. Also, never use a very wet cloth. After wiping with a slightly wet cloth, wait for an average of 15 minutes to dry.

Gift wrapping and packaging

We wrap our products in bubble bags and foam if necessary, and put them in a standard cargo box. Since our products are mostly large products, a special gift wrapping is made. However, we write a gift card and put it in the product with an envelope. For this reason, if you want to print a gift message, you can write your gift message when ordering.

Wholesale availability

We have the opportunity to work collectively with everyone. We do wholesale for your orders of 500 USD and above, provided that we work for a long time. In addition, when you want to sell our mosaic lamp products yourself, we do wholesale work under special conditions for you. Visit our page below to learn about our wholesale discounts and wholesale terms.