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Children’s Rooms Lighting Tips

One of the most critical issues in the children’s room is lighting in all house areas. In this article, we have collected the lighting choices that can be suitable for the development and imagination of children in different age groups, from infancy to pre-school, from primary school to adolescence. If you are wondering how the children’s room lighting should be, continue reading!

Baby Room Lighting

In infancy, where most of the day is spent asleep, a dark environment is generally preferred in the baby room. While daylight is allowed to enter the room in a controlled manner, it is ensured that babies get their night’s sleep in a completely dark place. However, families may need a small light source while nursing, cleaning, or changing their clothes. For this, small table lamps or decorative wall sconces that can give dim light can be preferred in baby room lighting solutions. After the baby has completed the process, you can add a different feature to the decoration with baby room lighting methods with different patterns and designs that will attract the baby’s attention.

Children’s Room Lighting Products

To illuminate the children’s room, it should be started by dividing the space into certain sections according to the purpose of use. For example, play or sleeping areas should be strictly separate from each other. Otherwise, problems may arise during the transition to sleep, especially in early childhood. Different lighting products can be preferred in play and sleeping areas that are slowly separated from each other.

Children’s room lighting chandeliers, which give less light and create a dim environment in the preferred place for sleeping, can be preferred. More powerful light sources are selected in the playground. For school-age children, it is necessary to include the study area in the nursery. A suitable desk and chair should be used for a work area independent of play and sleeping areas. With a stylish and solid table lamp, an appropriate environment for your child’s study can be easily prepared.

DIY Kids Room Lighting Suggestions

  • It would help if you used your imagination in the children’s room lighting design. You can add color to the children’s room walls with patterned chandeliers where you can place LED lamps on the back by taking a particular nap.
  • If you want, you can also have a wall lamp with your child’s name written on it. You can paint these wooden lamps you bought with acrylic paints in the color you want and hang them on the walls of the children’s room.
  • For a colorful children’s room lighting design, you can try sticking colorful umbrellas on the spotlights on the ceiling. Thus, you can design a very lively and original lighting element.
  • By learning how to make a balloon chandelier, which has become very popular lately; You can create lighting elements of different sizes for the children’s room with thick threads in the color you want. You can use these fixtures, which you will fix to each other with the help of a pulley and rope, as pendant lamps on the ceiling of the children’s room. You can develop many different suggestions for children’s room lighting design. At this stage, you can create creative designs inspired by children’s imagination and design the lighting elements you need for the children’s room together with them.