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Bulgaria Moroccan Lamps Wholesale

You are in the right place to Bulgaria Moroccan lamps wholesale. We make Moroccan lamps from empty glass jars, thin colored paper (tissue paper), and glitter! If you put a battery-operated tea light inside, you will get a bright and colorful light. Great for when you have a party!

Let’s enjoy the lights this season when the sun goes down in the evening and the time to turn on the lights in the room extends. In such a case, it is worth paying attention to the Moroccan lamp. There are various shapes, and there are lovely ones.

Upon your request, we can also make direct delivery to you in Edirne

We can deliver our Turkish mosaic lamps and Ottoman blown glass art lamps that we produce in Istanbul by hand in Edirne. So you can buy our turkish lamps wholesale from our company without paying shipping costs. We also deliver to your address in Bulgaria with freight forwarding.

Features of Moroccan Lamps

Moroccan lamps are the lighting that allows you to enjoy the Arabian atmosphere with its ethnic form and glittering decorations. These will go well with the calm design of the interior. Typical examples of traditional Moroccan lamps include mosque-shaped lamps in chapels, lamps imitating Arabian-style buildings, and delicately designed drop-shaped lamps with a significant visual impact. Their delicate construction and decorative glass make these lamps a delight.

Our company’s Moroccan and Turkish mosaic lamps come in various colors! There are also mixtures of many colors, including blue, yellow, green, burgundy, and pink. Iron and brass lamps are traditional Moroccan lamps that you should not forget.

Moroccan Lamp Models

Moroccan lamps come in wide varieties. The ceiling lamp in the room is the main lighting of the living area, so it is essential to ensure brightness. Therefore, the size of the light should be medium or more significant. It’s also a point to choose a lamp that uses a lot of frosted glass, called clear glass or frosted glass, to provide the shine. There is no problem with tinted glasses as long as they are partially used, such as on the tip of the lamp. Enjoy the exotic ambiance while incorporating bright primary lighting if you prefer the full-tinted glass type. Check out the most popular lamp models in our company:

  • Turkish chandelier models
  • Moroccan ceiling lamp models
  • Turkish lighting
  • Moroccan lightings
  • Living room chandelier
  • Dining room island lamp
  • Dining room ceiling lamp
  • Bathroom wall lamp
  • Living room lamp
  • Living room wall lamp
  • Living room ceiling sconce
  • Bedroom table lamp
  • Bedroom corner lamp
  • Bedroom wall lamp
  • Hallway wall lamp
  • Scented candle holder
  • Turkish candlestick lighting
  • Moroccan chandeliers
  • Moroccan pendant lamps
  • Handmade lighting products

Our Moroccan and mosaic lamps are unique to Turkey. We only produce in Turkey, but we make outstanding wholesale production for you in Bulgaria. We deliver all our lights to your address. In addition, we manufacture all the components we use in our products in Turkey, and our electrical installation includes European TUV and CE quality certificates. We never use Chinese-made products in any of our products. Thus, you will be able to use our lamps uniquely for many years. How about enjoying the moment?

In addition, you can choose our Bulgaria Morrocan lamps wholesale, or you can buy our Bulgaria Turkish mosaic lamps retail. You can visit our website for the retail sale of Bulgaria Turkish lamps.

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