Mosaic Lamps

Aesthetic Lighting in Authentic Restaurants

The combination of aesthetic elements is very important in the lighting of restaurants with a certain characteristic. In order to idealize the acoustics of the environment, the atmosphere of the space must first be determined correctly. When determining the atmosphere of a restaurant, you must consider your customers. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer and ask yourself questions about why you want to go to a place. Among these questions should be how the general ambiance of the place should be.

What Will Set You Apart From Others?

What will set your restaurant apart from others? If your taste quality is similar to other restaurants in your class, it’s easy to show your difference visually. For this reason, whether you have a boutique or a chain restaurant store, you should also give importance to visuality in the food and beverage sector. You can serve local dishes of international cuisine in authentic restaurants. While doing this, you should have an environment where your visitors will not get bored and explore the surroundings. Lighting products that not only provide a visual aesthetic, but also strengthen your brand value, help your visitors take photos in an area that they like visually. This means it will label the restaurant’s name and location.

Be a Part of Social Life

In today’s world, where social life has taken on a very different form in digital, people tend to share the places they go, the restaurants they visit and the food they taste. People who share their daily lives with their relatives or strangers on social networks are almost fascinated when they see your visually aesthetic restaurant. When they see an authentic and unconventional lighting element in the areas that they can create not a single photograph, but many photographs side by side, they will want to paint it. Customers who work as volunteer ambassadors of your restaurant advertise your restaurant by word of mouth on social media. For all these, at the end of the day, the importance of being original and different becomes evident once again. There’s more to getting a customer to revisit your restaurant than just your food being delicious.

Give importance to visuality in lighting

Exceed expectations by going beyond the ordinary in the lighting of your restaurant. It is unthinkable to equip areas with a certain identity with spot lighting. If you’re not like everyone else, make your restaurant unique too. If you want to move forward with a certain concept, you should evaluate all designs as a whole, from your tablecloths to your flooring. While doing this, you should not ignore the decorative elements. For example; If you choose the floor tiles in ethnic patterns in areas where you want to create an authentic atmosphere and use modern lighting such as spotlights, you will disrupt the aesthetics of the environment. Such small details are also an indication that the design is forced, and no one wants to come to a place that creates a forced concept just to attract customers. That’s why restaurants need to have a real soul.

Is Your Restaurant Really Authentic?

All details of restaurants with a real soul must be carefully thought through. In order to weave the interior decoration of your restaurant, you should not ignore the lighting elements. Mosaic Lamps, which carries the mosaic art that has been used for centuries to lighting elements, promises to change the ambiance of restaurants in an instant with its authentic lamps, each one more valuable than the other and with different colors. Authentic lamps, which have various degrees of magnitude for areas of different scales, enable the environment to turn into a real local area. All of these lamps, which are the common point of the Far East, Middle East and Europe, are produced by hand workmanship. You can choose the most suitable lighting product for your restaurant with chandeliers, pendant lamps, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps and much more, which are among the Mosaic Lamps products that create an aesthetic integrity with the combination of small mosaic pieces. You can evaluate these samples in your restaurant among Mosaic Lamps products, which have various colors that will perfectly match with your corporate colors.

Red-Yellow Color Mosaic Applique Lamp Type 2 (Medium Size)

The lamp options, which can be preferred in medium-sized restaurants, can be placed in rows and evaluated on each table or on several tables. Thanks to the warm tones it emits, the red-yellow mosaic applique lamp, which creates a friendly atmosphere in the environment, brings aesthetics and functionality together.

Colorful Authentic Retro Mosaic Hanging Lamp, Multicolor – HRCO-AP05

The colorful authentic retro mosaic hanging lamp, which stands out with its attractiveness, displays an extremely advantageous appearance. This product, which is handcrafted by Turkish mosaic masters, can be easily used in the cash register or lobby section of restaurants. These lamps, which have warm tones that your customers cannot take their eyes off, can also be used in washbasins and other wet areas.

White Striped Flora Candle Holder

Imagine; In the evening, there is a slightly dim atmosphere in the garden of your restaurant. People are enjoying delicious food while chatting with their loved ones. The light emitted by the white striped flora candle holder illuminates the smiling faces on the tables. You can add a unique atmosphere to your restaurant with the white striped flora candle holder and other Mosaic Lamps products, which are the symbols of warmth, sincerity and peace.